Don't miss another publication of our project showcasing apartments in Vienna, this time in the online magazine Archiscene.
In this article, we will explore the incredible transformation of a classic apartment in Vienna by AB-Architects. This project represents a harmonious blend of the old and new, breathing new life into a traditional space and turning it into a modern marvel.
We invite everyone to indulge in the enjoyment of our apartments and experience the epitome of luxury living in the beautiful city of Vienna.
Our project, an apartment in Vienna, has recently been featured in a prominent Italian online magazineю don't miss it.
Our project of a Vienna apartment is featured in the Spanish online magazine, moove magazine, showcasing an extraordinary transformation of a classic apartment located in the historic neighborhood of Innere Stadt. This phenomenal renovation highlights the merging of timeless design elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a truly exceptional living space
a new article about five original projects by ab-architects on villagio realty web-site. each of them is worthy of becoming your new home in a prestigious village millenium park.
project by ab-architects in rusovo resort.
we are proud to present cozy guest houses that will immerse you in atmosphere of forest fairy tale from the first minutes spent there!
A new publication of our project in a residential complex "Prime Park".
an exquisite, light interior with bright accents in a march issue of salon interior.
COVEr Story | Apartment in the city center
take a look at this unique premium fitness space in rostov-on-don — bodium! its walls and ceilings are painted by the top modern artists, weights are customized, and its cool and healthy bar has high-quality merchendise.
An apartment for architects in light minimalistic colors. it is filled with air and joy, concluded in a form deprived of all the extra and unnessesary. its calm colors help come back in a state of balance and harmony.
Moscow premium apartment of architects from ab-architects. was created cozy and full of natural light to be a home for Lydia and Zlatan Brkich.
Zlatan Brkich, the founder of Ab-archbureau, is answering on question: How to make an interior investment attractive?
A modern three-story apartment for a young couple.
Due to natural materials and colors, laconic forms, a fireplace and panoramic views of pine forest this apartment makes you feel calm and united with nature.
is it possible to feel calmness of countryside while living in the heart of a huge loud megapolis? with ab-architects anything is possible! we shared our secret with salon on an example of our latest work.
which part of you home`s interior design is dominant? we think the answer is - sofa. find out why is it the main part of home scenography with vedran brkich!
ab-architects are in top 100 once more
We are in top 100 once agan - let us keep our tradition - join our celebration!
pragmatism, beauty, and universality - could these three notions exist in harmony together? we think we might have found the solution.
We are endlessly proud to present you our new office! in this space we tried to reflect our vision of a cozy yet contemporary interior - laconic, light, technological and filled with art.
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The interior of this apartment, located in a reconstructed house of the early twentieth century in the center of Moscow, is elegant and restrained. The laconic design is dictated by the active lifestyle of the owner, a young man. He wanted a quiet loft-style environment.
The interior of this apartment, located in a reconstructed house of the early twentieth century in the center of Moscow, is elegant and restrained. The laconic design is dictated by the active lifestyle of the owner, a young man. He wanted a quiet loft-style environment.
PUBLICATION: a respectful touch
it was an honor to us to design an apartment in a legendary „depre„ club house. see for yourself what came out of this adventure!
we do not mean to brag but... we think we came up with ideas on how to make chandeliers, gold and stucco look sophisticated and exquisite.
PUBLICATION: five global home changes in 2020
as life goes on changes are inevitable. so let`s embrace them! see how home interior design changed in 2020 through prism of ab-architects.
award: ab-architects in AD top-100
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PUBLICATION: repair from scratch with ad
how to ensure a deep healthy sleep with sweet dreams? we got you some tips on sound insulation so you can sleep like a baby even with a loud party next door.
two countries, two cultures, two different atmospheres: Take a look at our projects in edra magazine to decide, which do you like more!
We are happy to present a smart house developed by our partners smart4 as a part of our project „wood, concrete & copper„ . it was made for a young couple who enjoys throwing parties and being good at it.
a video set of a recently realized project - an apartment for a young couple who loves hosting parties. for them we created a practical, strong interior design kept in a contemporary fashion.
PUBLICATION: apartment for a young couple
Our latest project published in ad magazine! the marvelous, multifunctional apartment ready to accomodate any turn your life might take.
please take a look at our night video of suburban villa in altai. feel the freshness of the night air filling the spacious rooms and the magic of natural materials that remind you of your childhood in a countryside.
PUBLICATION: Chalet in the Altai
this inviting, modernly stylized suburban villa in altai is a result of united efforts made by a creative team of russian and netherlandish architectors.
february 2020
this inviting, contemporary suburban villa built in altai is a result of common efforts made by creative team of russian and netherlandish architectors. together they found a harmony of scandinavian practical softness and spread of vast and generous russian soul.
PUBLICATION: facets of beauty in ad
In this project ab-architects team shows to the world how gray shades can transmit emotion despite the stereotype about its boredom, yet still staying welcoming to bright expressions of work of art.
Premium Living Award
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Inspite of vast space of the house, the interior of it is warm and cozy. this effect was reached due to natural, tactically pleasant materials and thouroughly elaborated facings. the diversity of materials (which laconically complete each other) creates a unique eclectic style.
Property Awards Winner
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PUBLICATION: House in Madsion Park
„the atmosphere of a luxurious, status interior is created via astonishing facings and abundancy of natural materials„
september 2018
Kremlin View apartment is a spacious home for a family of 4. it is located in the very heart of moscow with an impressive and unforgettable view on kremlin.
PUBLICATION: Apartment with Kremlin View
this project is an excellent example of luxury transmitting style and fashion without a single hint of vulgarity.
april 2018
PUBLICATION: AD Kitchen Magazine
the main element of this space - a stonemade kitchen island toncelli. it has an untipical detail - a built-in TV which you can comfortably watch while cooking.
november 2017
The contemporary interior design of this apartment has a strong dynamic character. The rythm of round and angular forms charges space with energy, while gentle, natural materials balance it out with soft calmness.
how we hid a cinema system in a living room with panoramic windows.
Publication in Magazine "100% kitchens"
In this project by ab-architects the main accent of the kitchen-living room space became panoramic windows with gourgeous view on moscow
We Are in AD Top 100
the project bureau ab-architects was founded in 2006. it performs the full cycle of architectural work — from the idea untill the final touch.
October 2017